Aleksandra Gerasimets is an emerging visual artist, currently working on miniature installations as a form of philosophical statements. Using photography as a medium, she recreates a museum-like space, but tries to bring it directly to the viewer by eliminating space as a mediator. She is also incorporating sculpture, conceptual video art and photography in order to enhance the viewer's sensorial experience and perception.

Born in 1985 in Vladivostok, Russia, she moved to Barcelona, Spain, in 2007. Self-taught and inspired by rebellion of modern art and philosophy, she is exploring the possibilities of creativity and art to expand the frames of our vision, to grasp the essence and to find freedom by shifting towards our true selves.

" Trying to fit into society, we often find ourselves struggling to reach the non-existent perfection and to live in an "acceptable" way. Under the social pressure we lose our true identities and freedom. Surrounded by many judgments and stereotypes we tend to hide who we really are, we limit ourselves and fear to take a full responsibility for our own choices. We search for happiness elsewhere, forgetting to look deeper into ourselves. My goal is to provoke thoughts and inspire people to take a closer look on themselves and their surroundings."
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